This project deals with inclinations, or notions, of permanence in the act of photographing; the instant an idea gets in your head to photograph something; the urge to make a vision permanent.  Photographing something is a way for us to solidify the moment - to make it last.  Or sometimes it’s about wanting to document something beautiful.  This project explores various reasons why various people photograph various things. Sometimes I feel like the act of photographing supersedes the actual photograph.  Does social media affect our photo taking processes? Are there ever times when we should opt out of shooting an image?  How many photos do we need?  How did we act before cameras were invented? One thing is clear: humans like taking pictures.

These thoughts make me wonder about the idea of the 'final phase' of the image, or where it ultimately ends up.  Is the purpose of the image to reside on printed paper (Archival, of course), in an 8x10 frame, on a shelf in a house?  Or is the fate of digital photos forever to swim around tablet, smartphone, and computer screens?

(Medium Format C-41 film)